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Here at ECS we also help you to transform data from any source format to any other format your customers require. Automated transformation of EDI, XML, database, spreadsheets, flat files, and other formats reduces process bottlenecks, expedites partner onboarding, and improves SLA compliance. And it works seamlessly with your  data transfer and integration gateway products like LexiCom®! Let talk about how you can improve meeting your customer’s requirements.


Some SFTP server software has limitations to the functions they support with regard to buffer requests and block sizes during a GET operation, resulting in an unexpected server response. Why?


The block size or buffer requests may be causing an issue with the file transfer. You will need to find the correct combination of block size and buffer request.

At the host level Advanced tab configure these options:

  • BlockSize = 65535 – BufferRequests = On
  • BlockSize = 32767 – BufferRequests = On
  • BlockSize = 32767 – BufferRequests = Off
  • BlockSize = 65535 – BufferRequests = Off