Nieuwe CLEO Harmony release

Cleo Launches New Enteprise Integration Solution, Cleo Harmony™

LOVES PARK, IL, – (October 3, 2013) – Cleo, a leading provider of data integration solutions, announced today the release of its new Cleo Harmony™ solution, Cleo’s next generation integration product for end-to-end management, control, and visibility of large, mission-critical data files —both within an organization and between enterprises. The product supports both A2A and B2B integration and is built to provide the governance, security, scalability, and visibility required by businesses today.

The Cleo Harmony solution helps customers gain control over governance and compliance through a highly secure and auditable solution that keeps data secure at all steps of the integration process. Built for large files and large volumes of data associated with both B2B and A2A integration, the product offers high availability and load balancing, as well as the visibility to effectively manage the movement of large volumes of data. The Cleo Harmony solution tracks and displays the health of the system and enables the user to take appropriate and swift action when necessary to ensure that critical data processes are continuous. In short, customers can now Move View Act™ on data flowing through both their enterprise and multi-enterprise ecosystems more efficiently, while ensuring the security and integrity of the data.

As Dr. Mahesh Rajasekharan, Chief Executive Officer of Cleo expressed, “The Cleo Harmony solution is a great addition to the best in breed Cleo product family. We are excited about its ability to enable large enterprises to remove integration barriers, allowing companies to adapt to the ever-changing technology and business landscape while driving corporate growth initiatives.”

“With the Cleo Harmony solution’s Move View Act™ capabilities, companies can take control of their business to ensure they never have to say ‘no’ when it comes to integration requirements again,” stated Joe Dupree, Vice President of Marketing for Cleo.