Your Data Isn’t Safe Just Because its in the Cloud

Your Data Isn’t Safe Just Because its in the CloudRecent research conducted by Thales through the Ponemon Institute tapped into 3,667 IT and security staff members around the globe to find out how important security in the cloud is to them. The ‘Thales Global Cloud Security Study’ found that not nearly as many companies operating in the cloud were as concerned about security as you would think.

While the benefits of operating in the cloud have been made clear, that doesn’t mean the risks to your business security disappear. When it comes to securing your cloud-based data, there are still some ambiguous elements that need to be addressed.

It is likely that your business is already storing at least some, if not a majority of your business data in the cloud via a cloud service provider. The Thales report shows an increase from 2016, where 35% of all data was saved in the cloud, to 2019, where 48% is in the cloud. Shockingly, only 32% of users saw a “security-first” approach as an essential part of protecting their data.

Who provides security in the cloud has not yet been established as the responsibility of the cloud service provider, or as that of the cloud service user. When, and if, some designation is made in the future, it will make questions of security more clear, but until then users must take on the responsibility of keeping their businesses safe. Data encryption software and proper firewalls can easily be set up for cloud users as well as hybrid companies. Managed file transfer (MFT) software can also be implemented to ensure data security for your company if it is storing data in the cloud.

Another aspect of cloud services that increase your business’s chances of a security breach is using more than one provider, especially when you haven’t properly handled potential security issues. With companies becoming more dependent on the cloud, and needing different providers for various systems, it is worth taking the time to make sure your data is safe.

Every connection to the outside poses a susceptible risk. It is never too late, or too early, to get your data security under control whether in the cloud or with a hybrid solution. Here at ECS we have several methods to help you secure your data and your connections with encryption and other tailored solutions. We specialize in data security and can help make sure your business is safe in the cloud so contact us today.