Your data communication, fast and secure, for years to come


It all begins with our passion for technology. Our eagerness to help your business move forward by optimizing your data communication and data integration is unstoppable. And in a world where we are sharing a tremendous and increasing amount of data, it’s good to experience that at ECS International we truly do make a difference.

Times are changing

Take into account that 90% of everything we type on our computer is output from another computer. A fact as well: 70% of this digital information is not sent securely. This is certainly something to think about. In that perspective, years ago, our customers knocked at our door, because their main clients or suppliers demanded a confidential exchange of their data and re-use this data to integrate into their own systems. These days, you clearly feel this responsibility yourself. Transporting sensitive information and optimizing enterprise applications is top-of-mind.

Taking away frustrations

At ECS International we understand your needs as no other. Of course, you want to be sure all of your and your business partners’ information is sent fast and encrypted. The more efficient you handle your data communication and data-integration, the more productive you are. Having your applications communicating with each other smoothly is a must: it takes away frustrations in the workplace. For example, data entry errors belong to the past and your supply chain will accelerate.

That extra mile

We enjoy taking your data exchange to the next level. It’s our job, and making your business as safe and as efficient as possible makes us happy. We are always willing to go an extra mile. In our vision, it’s important to really listen to your needs. We want to fully understand your requirements, so we can present you a solution that will last for years to come.

Up and running

Better than anyone else, we understand that data communication and data-integration are everything. Your issue is urgent and that’s why you can always count on us to take immediate action. One promise: we will have your digital transformation up and running fast and secure in no time!

In times when we are sharing more and more data, you want to be sure all of your and your business partners’ information is sent fast and encrypted. At ECS International we help our customers and partners move forward regarding data communication and data integration. With us at your side, you will be doing business in the most responsible way.

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