Year-End Wrap Up and Thank You from ECS International!

How can it be that it’s already time for an end of year mail? With all the exciting things happening at ECS International this year, it feels like 2018 has flown by! From new partnerships to new solutions and new connections, we’ve been busy making digital transformation a reality for many companies across Europe. For our last blog of the year we’d like to share a quick recap of our year and what we’re looking forward to in 2019.

Our 2018 in Numbers:

1 New Partnership with iSHARE: Perhaps the thing we are most proud of this year, our partnership with iSHARE has been a great addition to our current services as it makes finding, authenticating, and authorizing new digital (data) partnerships easier than ever. Implementing iSHARE into a modern logistics business gets you one step closer to a digital supply chain. We’re about helping businesses work more efficiently every year, and iSHARE was a big contribution to this year’s efforts to do just that.

20 New Companies Joined the ECS Family: We told you it has been a busy year! We welcomed 20 new companies to ECS International. Bringing our total up to around 1.000 customers who rely on us to keep their digital businesses running smoothly. We couldn’t have done this without our business partners scattered throughout the continent and want to thank every one of them for their reliability, high-standards and tremendous support.

30 Guests Came for Dinner: This year we had the pleasure of hosting an Executive IT dinner during the ICT & Logistiek trade show in Utrecht. We welcomed about 30 guests for a fun and interesting night of good food, great company, and interesting information. We were able to share our views on data integration with IT executives and got a lot of positive feedback from that. We loved the chance to learn from other people working in the IT field and we are really looking forward to hosting another dinner next year.

Our 3 Main Focus Points in 2019:

Growth and Development: We would like to continue our growth trajectory into 2019 while making sure development continues alongside the growth. We’ll be spending more time working with our partners across Europe to implement the new technologies we’ve developed this year and make sure they are all operating on the highest standards we can offer. We put much time into setting up live environments, education and training and we want to continue this with our partners to continue to ensure the customer’s success growth as well.

Cloud and SaaS Technology: Perhaps an even more important topic in 2019, we invested in Cloud and SaaS technology in 2018 to make sure that we are always ahead of the curve for our partners and customers. The Cloud will continue to be an area of focus as we make sure that all of the tech and products we provide are available for a Cloud, SaaS, or hybrid deployment. We’ll also continue to expand our expertise on how to help customers achieve Cloud migration and/or data integration in and outside of the Cloud.

New Products: 2019 will start off with a bang as Cleo will be hosting their annual kickoff event during the first week of January. A small group of ECS International representatives will be at the event in Chicago. Cleo is another trusted partner of ECS International and this event will give us a more detailed road map to the solutions they’ve been working on that we can share after the event.

It’s been a year filled with hard work and dedication in our offices and we would like to thank our amazing team for making all the success of this year possible. We would also like to thank all of our customers and the great people we met this year at the various events we attended. We are looking forward to 2019!

Here’s wishing you all a happy holiday season and a successful new year from all of us at ECS International!