What’s best for your business: in-house or outsourced EDI?


What to do when your supplier demands electronic messaging? Do you choose in-house or outsourced EDI? First of all, there is no single ‘best solution’ that fits every company. That’s why you need to decide what your company policy is. At ECS International, we strategically help you make the best choice for your business at this moment. And the good news: if your situation changes, you can easily switch to another choice, with just limited investments.

As business partners, we are replacing the paper form of documents (such as orders, invoices, delivery notes and receipts and many others) for standard electronic formats as EDI and XML. That’s just how we communicate these days. To organize this in the most efficient way, businesses have an important question to answer: do we choose in-house or outsourced EDI?

Multiple solutions

It all depends on your business. Is this a day-to-day activity and do you have budget to invest in in-house software and communications capabilities? Do you want ECS to host and maintain your EDI platform, starting out with lower initial costs? Or would you prefer a mix of these solutions? Everything is possible at ECS International.

Flexibility and scalability

First of all, we help you decide which option is best for your business. After that, we will have your solution up en running in a short time. You will be exchanging business information with your partners in the most secure and effective way. And because we are aware that businesses and markets change, we always offer you flexibility and scalability. Maybe outsourced EDI is the best solution for now, but in a couple of years you have other demands. No problem, then we will arrange in-house EDI for you, with an agreed transitioning period.

Free yourself from complexity!

Contact us for more information on how we can best organize your EDI for your customers and suppliers: +31 229 574331 or salesECS@ecsinternational.eu.