What Do Transport and Logistics Need Now?


Following a recent study and report on the Transport and Logistics industries, what these industries need now is business intelligence and digital transformation. Our Business Developer, Jeroen Schouteren, shares some of his insights on the subject and why this is such an exciting opportunity not only for technology providers, but also for transportation and logistics to become a more efficient, streamlined and prosperous industry.

Nearly any given product has gone through a huge journey to get to where it is. Food products shipped all around the world to mechanical and electronic devices made up of parts from nearly every continent, the world works through transport and logistics. So how is it that this industry happens to still be lacking in business intelligence and digital technologies?

Proven in a recent study by Dutch bank ABN Amro and a survey by Immarsat, companies working in Transport and Logistics are ready to invest in several new technologies but business intelligence systems were ranked as the most important.

‘The digital transformation is marching on and companies in these industries are realizing that end to end visibility also includes data visibility and integration of all the points and processes that are making their industry work, “ says Jeroen, “it’s not just tracking cargo and running on time, we’re talking about an immense amount of data regarding movements, invoicing, messaging, and even customs and tax regulations.”

According to Jeroen, its more important now than ever to be in control of your data and make sure nothing gets lost. It’s vital that every company has the right tooling to collect all the information from different systems and service providers to maintain healthy margins. Making the supply chain digital is one of the most important aspects of transforming transport and logistics into more efficiently and transparently operating industries.

Of the 100 global transport companies surveyed by Immarsat, 45% of the companies said they expect to roll out more digital and Internet of Things-based solutions by 2019. That means a big opportunity for solutions providers to help the industry digitize. We asked Jeroen, how can global transport and logistics companies become more digital?

His answer, “Find solutions to create a single platform so that you have full control over the data in real-time and the power to use it insightfully. Business intelligence has the biggest impact on respect to innovation in the Logistics industry. More intelligence allows businesses to make better decisions based on the facts. All parts and players of the industry are producing a ton of data so interconnecting them all means everyone will benefit from the shared information. Margins depend on how fast things move and investing in improved business intelligence and data integration is a foolproof way to increase them.”

Helping each other to become more efficient and prosperous, now who doesn’t want that? Jeroen Schouteren specializes in finding solutions for businesses in many different industries and sees that most businesses face similar challenges. If you want to join in the race towards digital transformation and keep your business ahead of the competition, please contact us today.