We are expanding our product portfolio

Based on large market research in which many of our customers participated we came to the conclusion that our customers need more options in their decision making process. Managed File Transfer (MFT), integration and EDI software has many benefits, from encryption and automation of streamlined processes, reduced errors and increased collaboration with your trading partners. That’s why we are diversifying our portfolio, to advise our customers even better to improve their businesses. And because you asked for it!

The amount of data sent is increasing exponentially between users, employees, businesses or with governments. To make sure that all that data is delivered in a safe way in order to create information, managed file transfer, EDI and ecosystem integration are the perfect solution. If the data is not being controlled, IT teams are always one step behind, instead of moving to the foreground to help businesses work more efficiently. Plus, the lack of file encryption can lead to enormous fines for non-compliance.

Taking the step towards managed file transfer software has been done by many businesses. And many organizations are still doing it. According to a recent study of Global Banking & Finance the yearly growth of the MFT and EDI markets amounts to nearly 11% until 2023.

To make sure that you are not lagging behind, we are making sure that we can give the soundest advice with expertise on different products and solutions. We are happy to inform you that we are nearly able to disclose our new business partners to find the perfect fit for your organization in any situation. In next month’s newsletter we are able to disclose some of our new partners!

If you want to know more about how ECS can help you with streamlining your data just give us a call or send us an email.