We Answer the 3 Biggest Questions from the ICT & Logistiek Exhibition

At this year’s exhibition, we teamed up with our newest partner, iSHARE, to share information and answer questions about this set of agreements and how to achieve efficient and secure data sharing capabilities. Participating in ICT & Logistiek was a great way for ECS International to get face to face with companies, gain insider knowledge, and to find out what solutions businesses need to solve their problems.

Here are the three biggest questions asked of us at this year’s ICT & Logistiek Exhibition:

1. What is iSHARE? How will my company benefit from implementing iSHARE into our digital business operations?

iSHARE helps companies update their supply chain ecosystem and connect with their trading partners faster and easier because it is a way to automate data sharing agreements. iSHARE takes the headache out of identifying, authenticating and authorizing potential trading partners while still allowing businesses to maintain control over their data. It is a very useful service for companies in Logistics, but also manufacturing and distribution.

Working with iSHARE means no more empty trucks or containers sat full at the shipyards waiting for delivery. It also means more secure data exchange, faster and more reliable messaging, and compliance with government regulations. The benefits for any business working with iSHARE in combination with a high-level communication software, are immense. Quicker, more efficient industry, less security risks and much less worry while also driving up the bottom line and reliability, are all benefits of implementing programs like these.

2. We are interested in iSHARE, but how do we start? How can we make sure that we are able to communicate digitally with any trading partner?

The great thing about iSHARE is that it can easily be implemented on its own, or added as an additional service for those already running a compatible system, such as the ECS service known as X4Connect. X4Connect is a service that facilitates B2B and B2C communication for virtually any protocols and provides structured and secure document exchange between partners and organizations. iSHARE is also a part of this service because it is the next logical step in creating a digital supply chain. Because iSHARE is a set of agreements at its core, it can be combined with other communication platforms to take the efficiency and scalability of any logistics business to the next level.

We’ve made sure that ECS can offer not only iSHARE as quickly and easily as possible, but a full range of other communication services to ensure that businesses are able to communicate through virtually any protocols. When it comes to digital communication, our motto is: Anywhere, anytime and anyhow! We believe there is always a solution and enjoy the challenge of tailoring services to each business so that they are able to get the most benefits from what technology has to offer.

3. Cloud, On-Prem, Hybrid? EDI or API? X4Connect, InfoConnect, iSHARE? How do we make sense of it all and know what’s right for us?

All of these terms, abbreviations, services and software can get confusing and overwhelming. When all you want is secure digital communication, there are lots of ways to make the perfect formula for every individual company. We have experience working with companies across industries, from local business to global organizations, and we know how to make solutions and services work for you.

We saw at the exhibition that iSHARE and platforms like X4Connect are in high demand in the logistics and manufacturing world as long as companies know what they want out of their business in the future. If your company is ready to start talking about their future in logistics, or any other industry for that matter, contact one of our experts to hear all the options!