Transport and Logistics

Transport and Logistics

In transport and logistics, information is the life blood of the industry. Logistics providers are dependent on the timely flow of data to run their business. Changing market conditions have even further increased the importance of information and information technology.

Transport and logistics

Supply chain innovation

Recent supply chain trends have had severe impact on business processes and the way business is conducted. Vendor managed inventory, supply chain optimization, efficient consumer response and auto replenishment increase the need for easy access to accurate and up-to-date logistical information.

Logistics efficiency

Another important development is logistical optimization through the combination of orders from multiple clients. This increased efficiency helps organizations remain profitable in an increasingly competitive environment whilst satisfying the needs of their clients. Because ‘transport’ is hereby defined in a much broader context than before, this puts a whole new demand on the way information is being made available, shared and combined in a secure and efficient way.

E-commerce fulfilment

The explosive growth of e-commerce has resulted in a similar increase of logistical demand. Increasingly, consumers expect same day delivery of their purchased goods. As customer expectations grow, logistical service providers will have to innovate their processes in order to operate at the speed the market expects.

Digital workflows

Companies work more and more paperless in order to reduce the chance on errors, reduce manual work and improve the speed of business.

The need for safe and secure communications

The exchange of data has become a critical success factor for logistical companies. Data integration across multiple disparate IT systems and the ability to integrate directly into back-end systems typically are complex and time and budget consuming projects. Forward thinking companies invest in open systems based on open standards. This allows connecting new trading partners fast and easy.

The benefits of end to end secure communications:

  • improved delivery performance and shorter response times;
  • improved insight and visibility;
  • improved security and control.

Transport and Logistics data integration solutions

ECS International has a long track record in the Transport & Logistics market. ECS International offers a range of solutions that help improve efficiency and speed, maintain control and security and increase visibility into business processes. Our solutions include:

  • a broad range of Managed File Transfer and EDI/XML integration products;
  • data integration and communication SaaS/Cloud services such as X4Connect, Kyzen Global and our AS2 to AS4 bridge;
  • and a wide range of professional services to make your enterprise communications work seamlessly.