Three Ways Data Integration Will Future-Proof Your Business

Knowing exactly how integrating your enterprise will help you prepare for the future is essential to making the right steps. You know about integration, but how exactly will it help your business become future proof? Here are three ways:

1.An integrated enterprise ensures the ability to maintain high performance in today’s times of relative uncertainty, urgency and potential disruptions. The better your enterprise’s integration, the better your ability to adapt to whatever changes and innovations occur in the business world of the future.

An example: When import and export tariffs or supply levels inevitably change, companies with visibility into that change can quickly react and limit its affects downstream. Integrated systems and applications mean no surprises from one system to another.

2.Your company may not yet fully be aware of the amount of integration necessary to maintain high performance in the future. Recognizing integration gaps and connecting them as quickly as possible will retain enterprise agility through the learning process.

An example: A small manufacturing company might need additional technologies as it grows. Most companies will continue to adopt systems and applications to gain capabilities as needed for tackling problems such as:

-Huge files with ever-increasing amounts of customer contact information and order records could be replaced by a streamlined CRM tool such as Salesforce.

-The company’s web-based email ordering system growing and becoming unorganized enough that the business needs to upgrade to an e-commerce gateway like Magento.

-The ability to leverage APIs to improve inventory, look-up, connect to cloud services, and deliver mobile applications to maintain relevancy and visibility.

3.Viewing business and IT sides of the enterprise as a cohesive whole rather than separate entities are really the only way businesses can proceed into the increasingly digital and Cloud-powered age. Business won’t be business as usual if IT systems are falling behind.

An example: One system is failing to send purchase orders and invoices on time, and though business might not grind to a halt, your company’s ability to make money will certainly be hindered through late-shipment fines or other shortfalls. Letting technology work for you means more reliable business processes and more valuable outcomes.

The Keys To Future-Proofing

These three examples show the huge benefits of running an integrated organization and the benefits in no way stop there. Businesses that have been re-architected for speed will have a huge advantage in this new era of urgency with data integration technology playing a massive role in the process.

A comprehensive view of critical business data flows is essential to executing all the important business processes that drive revenue and ensure your company remains reliable in these times of uncertainty. That’s why a savvy organization will deploy proven technology to integrate systems and applications and be moving the process along to future proof their organization.

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