The WHY of ECS International: Find out what defines us!


Why do we do what we do?

Because of our passion for integration technology, our commitment to our clients’ success and our drive to improve processes.

Many of us have heard the saying “if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. And our team here at ECS might just be living proof of that theory. ECS International has been the major partner for Cleo Inc. MFT and Data Integration services in EMEA for over 13 years, but to us, our work means a lot more than that.

If you have passion and drive in your work, work becomes something you enjoy. Our continued fascination with innovative technology, the support and appreciation we get from our customers, and our true passion for helping businesses run at their highest potential is what makes ECS International the formidable company that it is.

We believe every company should be able to integrate their applications and run a secure, safe, and efficient business. We are problem solvers, especially when it comes to data integration/transformation and communication challenges.

Here at ECS our passion is what drives us. For most of us, IT and technology has been an interest of ours since our younger years and remains a hobby alongside the job. We believe that in the IT industry, passion and drive is essential to succeed in a business where the options are endless and constantly evolving. Our incredibly adaptable and tenacious team makes all that we do possible.

How do we maintain our ‘WHY’ and our mission as a company?

Continuing education is key to offering our clients the strongest solutions for their integration needs. We are proud to say that our team is continuously trained on the latest developments on Managed File Transfer, Data Integration and EDI. We encourage learning at every step to be sure that we are only providing the best of our knowledge, innovating and prepared for whatever the future brings.

For the specialists at ECS, working in a fast paced world means being able to create and facilitate solutions and integrations as soon as possible. These solutions can become very complicated when integrating services for everything from MFT, SFS, various Data Integration standards such as EDI, XML or Edifact, to full security compliant digital transformation strategies in European Cloud Services.

Why do we love our job so much?

Because our hard work pays off and because there’s never a dull moment. Over 19 years ECS International has maintained a 99% client retention rate because we do whatever it takes to keep our clients up and running. This usually means addressing new technology, new software, and developing our services as quickly as the industry releases them. In our office that means a new opportunity presents itself every day. Our team isn’t just working an “office job” but we’re constantly problem solving, learning, and evolving together.

What defines us amongst others in our industry?

The latest proposition at ECS is moving more and more towards Cloud services and solutions. All of our actions are now focused on helping customers move to the Cloud and to use Cloud solutions and services. From Ground2Cloud and Cloud2Cloud transitions, we’re ready to tackle it all. We build strong and safe solutions for B2B Communication that are streamlined, efficient and effective.

We’re now offering one single platform where every app can be run simultaneously, whether it is on-prem, in the Cloud or hybrid. We’ve streamlined our solutions into one single platform in order to serve our customers better and to help them gain a competitive advantage.

We feel that this is the next step to feeding the ‘why’ of what we do, and we are excited to see all the benefits this will present to our clients and their B2B partners. Here at ECS International, we’re busy at work, but we’re loving every minute of it.

We would like to hear from you and see what challenges we can help you overcome, because that’s why we do what we do.