The Differences Between FTP, FTPS and SFTP and What They Mean to Your Company

Small Things That Make Huge Differences in Company Security

The Differences Between FTP and FTPS and SFTP and what they Mean to Your Company

Who would have thought that one tiny little letter could make or break your company’s security? In our ever-advancing technological world these little differences mean huge advantages to your company, as long as you know they exist.

When FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, the act and the software used for file and information sharing across your company’s networks fails, how can it be fixed?

Most of today’s businesses haven’t even realized that their standard FTP system is severely lacking when it comes to protecting those files being transferred just because it doesn’t encrypt the files. With FTPS or SFTP, or File Transfer Protocol Secure and Secure File Transfer Protocol, your files are uploaded and transferred just that way, securely.

Using encryption to protect emails, large file transfers and even logins and passwords will help your company protect itself against anyone or anything trying to access private information. There are now a few system protocol developments including FTPS and SFTP that can automatically encrypt all of the information that’s sent and transferred every day.

The Customer Care Manager at ECS International, Fred Rinkel, sees this detail as an essential step to take to improve file transfer security for all of today’s businesses. “Originally companies just wanted to connect with each other in order to grow their business, but to prevent data leakage that connection must also be secure,” he explains.

ECS International helps its customers overcome system security problems by implementing one of these new encrypting protocols. Whether it is protecting file transfers from one company to another, secure messaging, sending emails containing invoices, or shielding employee logins and passwords, there is a solution.

Addressing the type of systems that are running and changing them to an automatically encrypting system will make a huge difference in your company’s security and peace of mind. With options such as FTPS, SFTP, and the Unify and Trust email encryption system from ECS International, company security can reach a higher level. And when this isn’t a worry then businesses can focus on what they are doing best.

To learn more about these promising new protocol systems please contact our Customer Care Manager Fred Rinkel. And for more information on secure file sharing please visit this page.