The 6 reasons why ECS chose iSHARE

Recently, ECS International has entered a partnership with the organisation behind iSHARE, a uniform set of agreements for identification, authentication and authorization within the Transport and Logistics sector. In this weblog we want to give you the 6 most important reasons for why we chose to support iSHARE.

1. Focus on the Transport and Logistics sector Thanks to iSHARE, everyone can share data with everyone else in the logistics sector, including with new and previously unknown parties. This happens in a simple and controlled way, because the owner of the data decides who gets access to which data in what fashion. We believe that with iSHARE, we can even better serve our clients in the Transport and Logistics sector and expand our already strong market position.

2. Simple and fast integration Due to the standardization of identification, authentication and authorisation, iSHARE effectively creates a network of trusted partners in logistics. Combined with our integration and data exchange solutions, we realise a faster onboarding process of trading partners for our clients.

3. Completely complementary iSHARE is a perfect extension of our services and solutions. It facilitates the identification, authentication and authorisation of trusted partners. But in order to fully exchange data and achieve the maximum benefits, you need more. ECS supports organisations who implement iSHARE, with secure data exchange and full integration between their trading partners, as well as their applications.

4. A complete solution for digital communication The combination of iSHARE and our integration solutions has created a complete solution for all digital communications within logistical companies. Besides iSHARE, ECS International also supports all common exchange protocols, applications and platforms. This way you can communicate electronically with both iSHARE partners, as well as with parties that are not iSHARE partners (yet), in a fast and secured way.

5. Open standards and innovation Our core believes are our passion for innovation and the fact that everybody should be able to share data with others in a simple, insightful and secure fashion. Thanks to their innovative spirit, iSHARE helps logistical enterprises to do digital business with trading partners faster and easier.

6. Trust and in control One of the most important constraints for sharing data is the lack of trust. Thanks to iSHARE and ECS’ solutions, you will have full control of who has access to which data, when and where. Also you will have a detailed overview and complete control of all dataflows inside and outside your organisation. You will be compliant to all applicable laws and regulations of the sector, and will have boundaryless cooperation with your trading partners.

Tangible solutions ECS International has years of experience in secure data exchange and data integration in the Transport and Logistics sector. We provide a seamless integration of iSHARE based on:

Would you like to know you can successfully utilize iSHARE for all your dgital communications with your trading partners? Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities.