X.400 network services

X.400 is a suite of ITU-T Recommendations that define standards for Data Communication Networks for Message Handling Systems (MHS) — more commonly known as email. X.400 has been widely used within organizations and was a core part of Microsoft Exchange Server until 2006; variants continue to be important in military and aviation contexts.

X.400 network services ECS International

Value-added networks
In the absence of state-operated telecommunication sector, value-added network services are still used, mainly as a functional description, in conjunction with dedicated leased lines for business-to-business communications (especially for EDIFACT data transfer).

Traditionally, most value-added network services mainly supported general-purpose business-to-business integration capabilities focused on electronic data interchanges, but service providers are evolving to become more process- and industry-specific over time, particularly in industries such as retail and hi-tech manufacturing.

X.400 network solutions
All the different options for exchanging messages with your trading partners, including so called ‘Value Added Networks’ (VANs) can become very confusing. ECS International can help you make the right choices and set up your infrastructure. With more than 15 years of experience we can advise you on how to set up your electronic business channels. Are you too looking for ways to closer cooperate with your clients and suppliers? Contact us so we can help you connect to the outside world as soon as possible.