Secure File Sharing

In today’s business, people need to share all types and sizes of files with colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers. However still a lot of confidential business information is shared through unsecured e-mail and cloud services: quotations, contracts, financial and customer data.

As long as information is shared within the organization itself, it typically is well protected since only few organizations do not properly protect their IT environment from risks with firewalls and virus scanners.

communication concept

Data at risk
Once information is sent over the Internet without additional action or technology, it is unprotected. This information can be intercepted or modified, without your or your receivers’ awareness. Not only e-mail, but also public cloud services such as Dropbox and WeTransfer do not offer adequate protection in the standard variant.

Objective: ease of use without compromising security
Eventually, the goal is for employees to be able to collaborate quickly and efficiently, without compromising the safety and integrity of your data/information. Not only internally, but also with external parties such as customers and suppliers. Forward-thinking companies provide their teams with the secure file sharing tools that address the need for flexibility while remaining in control of company data, prevent data losses, and preclude security breaches.

Secure File Sharing solutions
What if you had a secure file sharing solution that could keep you in control of that data and also seamlessly integrate with your application integration and B2B file gateway solutions for a comprehensive data strategy? You can turn to ECS International for solutions that enable easy and safe exchange of all file types and sizes:

Cleo Trust: the most reliable and secure way to share your business data via e-mail.

Cleo Unify: the easiest way to securely share business data and files.