iSHARE implementation

iSHARE implementation

ECS International is implementation partner of iSHARE, a set of agreements for identification, authentication and authorization within the logistics sector. iSHARE makes it possible for everyone to share logistical data with everyone, including those unknown to date. Simple and controlled, because the data owner decides who has access to which data and in which way.

iSHARE and ECS International

With iSHARE, organizations get access to a network of trusted parties. With the solutions and services of ECS they can then exchange data securely, quickly and in a controlled manner with these parties. Together we solve the main obstacles for data sharing:

  • Costly and time consuming integrations thanks to an increasing number of partial solutions
  • Lack of trust

End to end solution for fast, secure data exchange

iSHARE ensures the identification, authentication and authorization of trusted partners. But in order to be able to exchange data and achieve the maximum benefits, you will need more than that. ECS International supports organizations that use iSHARE with the secure data exchange and data integration between all their trading partners and their internal (ERP/WMS/TMS) and/or cloud applications. This allows you to communicate electronically quickly and securely with iSHARE partners as well as with parties that are not (yet) an iSHARE partner.


  • More standardization, so less 1 on 1 integrations
  • Faster onboarding of trading partners
  • Integration with both iSHARE partners and companies that are not (yet) an iSHARE partner
  • Full control over who has where and when access to which data
  • Compliant with legislation and regulations
  • Detailed insight into and control over all data streams within and outside of the organization

Concrete solutions

iSHARE forms a perfect extension of our services and solutions. We ensure seamless integration of iSHARE within a company-wide information exchange architecture based on:

  • X4Connect, our outsourced service for secure data integration and electronic document exchange that meets the needs of (international) companies for fast, secure and cost-saving exchange of electronic data.
  • An on premises Enterprise Data Integration solution for B2B, cloud, big data and application integration. A total solution including Managed File Transfer, EDI, high-speed data transfer, data transformation and data pipelines.

Learn more

ECS International has many years of experience with secure data exchange and data integration. Would you like to know how you can successfully use iSHARE for digital communication with your trading partners? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.