High-speed data transfer

Businesses run on data. And as more and more business processes become digitized, there is more and more data to keep moving. File sizes are getting larger. Yet most companies’ current infrastructure to move larger files within their company or beyond — to partners, customers, and suppliers — does not offer the speed and reliability to keep up with the needs of the business.

fiber optical cables

Accelerated file transfer is critical
In today’s business, and as the size of data increases for all communications with customers and suppliers, as well as internal systems, the need for a high-speed file transfer solution becomes ever more important. Businesses are using traditional protocols over high-latency networks or still shipping physical devices to transfer high data volumes.

High-speed data transfer solutions
Are you looking for ways to eliminate speed limitations, guarantee delivery of transferred data and apply SSL security to data being transferred? Then take a look at Cleo Jetsonic, the high-speed data transfer solution.