Enterprise Data Integration

Data pipelines

Data pipelines allow securely moving (big) data faster within your IT environment as well as the cloud. Data Pipelines, also known as Big Data Connectors, allow you to quickly build connections to consolidate integration for transformation, orchestration, and the secure movement of all data exchanges. Data pipelines are one of the key components of a future proof Enterprise Data Integration solution.

Data pipelines

Move data faster to drive customer engagement and business analytics

Efficient data processing is key to improving the agility of your business, and delivering more value to your customers faster. But when more and more applications and cloud services are added to your IT environment, data sources can easily become silo’s, making it difficult to share information without delays.

If data is not efficiently ingested into repositories, companies looking for ways to use data for deeper business intelligence may risk an inconsistent and incomplete view of business operations.

We help companies easily connect, transform, integrate, and consolidate all B2B, application, and cloud data into a scalable and secure data pipeline. Data of all formats and sizes are rapidly extracted from any source, transformed, then securely moved to any endpoint or data lake repository to feed business analytics applications.

The benefits of centralizing integration and data flows

– Complete, end-to-end management of all data transactions, with on-demand auditing
– Faster integration of new internal applications, cloud, and business partner data
– Efficient, and scalable operational data flows with 100% uptime
– Rapid and secure movement of data of any type, from any source, to any target
– Real-time visibility into every data transaction, with automated notifications, and alerts

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