Enterprise Data Integration

Application connectors

Standard, pre-configured application connectors for broadly used cloud applications and platforms including PayPal, Shopify, Salesforce, AWS, SAP, Hadoop and Cloudera allow even faster, easier and trouble-free integration.

Application connectors

Key benefits

– Quickly build and map integration projects with an easy-to-use application wizard.
– Access all of the application’s XSD (XML Schema Definition) for easier customization within your business.
– Simplify application management via automated refreshes that seamlessly pull updated objects and metadata.
– View data exchanges in real time with customizable dashboards and automated reporting.

Modern application integration

Enable quick connection and consolidation of integration processes and data throughout your business. Modern integration requires a full range of integration platform connectors to cover diverse integration needs. Our solutions provides a host of connectors for enterprise/on-premise, SaaS/cloud and B2B/EDI integration.

Faster application integration

ECS International simplifies the onboarding and integration of new connectors by providing a host of adapters, APIs, and wizards to easily build and manage end-to-end integrations between internal and partner systems. With reliable connectivity using a wide variety of secure communication protocols, data transformation capabilities, and automated integration functionality, we also provide an API-powered self-service portal for seamless customer, partner, and supplier network extensions.

Enterprise integration

Our Enterprise Data Integration platform offers intuitive connectors that can manage very complex data models, enabling easier and complete integration of mission-critical applications, data and trading partners.

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