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Enterprise Data Integration

How can you optimally integrate data across company boundaries, business systems, mobile devices, big data and cloud architectures, your (EDI) trading partners and even people? For this you will need a next-generation secure, reliable and scalable enterprise data integration solution. Such a solution will help you efficiently and securely integrate and manage the integration of Business to Business (B2Bi), cloud, applications and big data.


B2B integration
IT departments are challenged with providing business-to-business integration (B2Bi) solutions to meet their company’s needs. Replacing a ‘spaghetti infrastructure’ with modern enterprise B2B integration reduces complexity, increases flexibility and drives reliable, efficient business exchanges.

Cloud integration
Smart use of cloud computing can be a way to increase your competitiveness and control your IT spend. Cloud integration supports your critical B2B integration processes in the cloud, as well as collaboration with mobility, file distribution, and document sharing.

Big data integration
Using an enterprise integration platform with integrated big data movement solutions, organizations can seamlessly flow an ever growing volume of information to a wide variety of big data applications, ensuring reliability, business value and service continuity.

Application integration
Companies must enable future initiatives via a sustainable application integration architecture. This foundation will help drive operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, while also lowering the total cost of ownership.

Key features & functions

Based on your organization’s specific needs, your next Enterprise Integration platform will offer all or a selection of the following features.

Managed file transfer
Managed file transfer (MFT) solutions enable enterprises to manage, control and govern the data flows that power their business. In an increasingly connected world your MFT solution must support multiple secure internet protocols such as AS2, AS3, AS4, OFTP/2, ebMS and sFTPs.

As companies adapt to a changing market, they must re-evaluate and modernize their existing EDI integration solution. EDI integration allows you to easily process legacy as well as current standards and gives you the ability to rapidly scale integration processes to meet new requirements.

High-speed data transfer
Today, businesses are still using traditional protocols over high-latency networks or shipping physical devices to move large files. With high-speed data transfer capabilities you can transfer up to 7 GBs of data in no more than 90 seconds.

Any-to-any transformation
File formats and standards like EDI, XML, CSV, XLS, FF and Database files are exchanged between parties all the time, so enterprises must be able to manage and integrate multiple data formats from multiple sources fast and efficiently. An effective data transformation solution will accelerate system and application integration, allowing you to integrate trading partners, systems and applications 50% faster than using traditional methods.

Data pipelines
Data pipelines allow securely moving (big) data faster within your IT environment as well as the cloud, to drive customer engagement and business analytics. Data Pipelines, also known as Big Data Connectors, allow you to quickly build connections to consolidate integration for transformation, orchestration, and the secure movement of all data exchanges. READ MORE about data pipelines

Standard application connectors
Standard, pre-configured application connectors for broadly used cloud applications and platforms including PayPal, Shopify, Salesforce, AWS, SAP, Hadoop and Cloudera allow even faster, easier and trouble-free integration. READ MORE about application connectors

Additional services
Data movement volumes inside as well as outside the corporate firewall have risen exponentially in recent years. Our X4Connect service was designed for electronic document exchange and implemented to answer the needs of international organizations for fast, secure and efficient exchange of digital information between your organization and your trading partners.

Deployment of choice
Your choices for deployment range from fully in-house installed, managed and operated to private cloud or fully managed outsourced – including development of new connections and mappings by ECS International.

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