Data integration

Data integration involves combining data from different heterogeneous sources and providing users with a unified view of these data. Data integration becomes significant in a variety of situations, for example when two companies want to exchange business data or need to merge their databases. Data integration appears with increasing frequency as the volume and need to share data explode.

Data integration solutions

Any-to-any data transformation

Effective data transformation enables organizations to exchange data across multiple business systems, thereby enabling seamless integration between internal and external partners. It allows transforming data from any format into any other format and improves customer service levels by reducing errors and latency.


“Up to 70% percent of data integration tasks are hand-coded by users that eschew the use of data integration tools.”

(Source: Bloor Research)


Single system

Integrate your existing applications, data, and external interfaces with a single system to support multiple integration needs with one software investment. Such a system helps delivers integration results faster, without programming and reduces time and implementation cost for application replacements and upgrades. It spans all types of enterprise integration use cases, including B2B, MFT, A2A, EAI, APIs, file sharing, cloud, big data integration, and more.


The key benefits of advanced data integration solutions:

  • rapid data movement and integration help drive operational speed and enterprise agility;
  • data movement that’s assured, reliable, and secured;
  • become empowered with better views and insight from a 360-degree view on your data;
  • back up your decisions with insight from the right data at the right time.

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