Shifting to OFTP2 Communications… Is it really a necessity?


In short, Yes. When considering the added value utilizing the OFTP2 protocol brings to your business there is no reason not to.

As the main communications protocol created and used by the European Automotive Industry, OFTP securely exchanged EDI data over ISDN networks but now OFTP2 delivers the same reliable communications securely over the Internet. An increasingly important protocol to global business, OFPT2 will allow your company to efficiently communicate with companies all over the world.

With more and more protocols becoming standard in different industries and different parts of the world, scalability is very important when shifting to these new protocols or introducing them into your current systems. Knowing which ones to operate on will ensure your business stays ahead of the curve.

For businesses operating with European companies, the shift towards OFTP2 is very important. This protocol is the most common being used in Europe by companies such as Audi, BMW, Daimler, Ford and Hyundai along with most large suppliers.

If your business has anything to do with the automotive, manufacturing, or shipping industries and does not yet operate on some level of OFTP/OFTP2 then you should consider it in order to maintain or grow operations with any of these huge car companies.

A single car can come together after having its parts designed, manufactured, and assembled in different locations across the globe. Anyone doing business with these companies must support the OFTP2 protocol to continue moving their business forward.

Not considering OFTP2 because you don’t operate in the European automotive industry?

While the European automotive industry did create OFTP/OFTP2, the protocol’s enhanced security via encryption and digital certificates as well as its faster transmission speeds mean other industries are noticing it too.

From government organizations to finance, retail and engineering, important industries are leveraging OFTP2 to exchange their data. One of the most reliable protocols for connecting and exchanging data with trading partners, OFTP2 is a strong player to have on your side.

How do you shift to support OFTP/OFTP2?

To maintain international customers and continue to grow your business, any company operating with integrated Cloud Solutions for B2B and MFT can easily add OFTP2 to their list of supported protocols. Insuring that the protocols your company is operating on are meeting industry standards means doing business faster and more efficiently with businesses anywhere in the world.

Integrating OFTP2 support into an existing or new Cleo stack can be seamlessly done by one of our Integration Specialists here at ECS International. Please contact us to find out how OFTP2 can work for you.