Seamlessly Integrate Your Applications with Integration Connectors to Your ERP, WMS On-prem, in the Cloud or Hybrid


The biggest buzzword around our office the last few months has been ‘integration’. We have talked about data and application integration and why it is the future of any successful business operation from the pharmaceutical industry to ecommerce and how your business will benefit. Another step towards data integration is using Integration Connectors that take the guesswork and uncertainty out of making the jump towards a fully integrated enterprise.

When companies are aware of the integration connectors they need to facilitate the full data integration process, they’ll benefit from a much smoother transition. To help your company run at its full potential using the best tech solutions available, utilizing the necessary integration connectors will make sure all aspects of your company are working together whether that be in the Cloud, on-prem or a combination of both.

It is true that not all applications or integration systems will seamlessly interact with a company’s infrastructure on their own. That’s why businesses need a customizable set of integration templates that take on the grunt work and ensure these applications do, in fact, connect and communicate with back-end systems for a comprehensive view of all operations. But it is impossible to fix these connection problems when you aren’t aware of why they are happening or what you can do to solve them.

By utilizing the variety of application connectors available from Cleo, there is always a solution. Knowing what apps and servers you are running is the first step to figuring out how to connect them. We can help customers optimize their digital business data flows with the following examples of Integration Connectors:

  • Cleo’s Oracle EBS integration connector utilizes Oracle’s e-Commerce Gateway flat-file interface to interact with EBS by creating and maintaining automated integrations with customers, vendors, and even trading partners.
  • Cleo’s SAP application connector automates EDI processing and interchange between external trading partners as well as the cycle time. Businesses can reduce errors and cycle time through automation of electronic transactions, run sample data and examples out of the box, and import SAP iDoc interface files.
  • Cleo’s NetSuite application connector provides reliable integration with the leading cloud ERP and other business-critical applications and systems for a unified view into customer engagement. Cleo’s NetSuite connector does not require excessive scripting and enables a seamless NetSuite integration with your cloud and on-premise applications.

Utilizing the supplier, Cleo, the onboarding and integration of new applications is simplified by providing a host of connectors, APIs, and wizards to easily build and manage end-to-end integrations between internal and partner systems. These tools facilitate communication among the applications and systems powering your business – trading partner networks, databases, data warehouses, big data platforms, on-premise and cloud-based ERPs, and CRM tools – without all the custom code.

The benefits of moving towards a fully integrated enterprise are really endless and the technology to make it happen is there. You can improve communication, efficiency and ultimately your business’s turnover and reputation by implementing an Integration Suite and the best Integration Connectors for a seamless transition.

We’re ready to help you integrate with ease! Learn more about enterprise integration here and please contact us if you have any questions.