Protect Your Email from Data Breaches with this Simple Solution

Manual Data Entry is Killing Your Business EfficiencyWhy is email such a vulnerable part of our business communications? Because it involves a lot of moving parts, sensitive information and the transfer of it between multiple points. Every step of an email’s journey can present an opportunity for hacking or picking up a virus. As soon as information is sent via a server that hasn’t been reinforced with additional technology it is unprotected and presents a risk to a company’s security. Most companies are actually exposed to viruses via email and phishing and spoofing scams are getting more sophisticated, this is why protecting emails is a crucial part of total business security.

Your Data is At Risk if Email is Unprotected

If even a politician’s email can get hacked and leaked, what’s keeping your company emails safe? Sending emails without a proper solution in place to protect them means they can be intercepted or modified without your or the receivers’ awareness. A global operation recently busted a huge cyber crime ring that was attacking small and medium sized businesses with email communication being the weak point and it resulted in millions of dollars of loss and damages for hundreds of companies. One big bust unfortunately doesn’t spell the end of cybercrime but should be a wake up call to us all to make sure we are doing our due diligence when it comes to protecting our email transactions.

Encryption Is No Longer Enough

Many popular email servers and management systems will claim end-to-end encryption of emails but this is no longer enough for the companies handling sensitive information or just wanting to take the extra step to protect themselves, their employees, their clients and their data. When working with medical, legal, or governmental organizations, there are laws that must be followed when transferring data and a technological security solution focused on email communication is the way to do that.

Ease of Use Without Compromising Security

When hundreds or thousands of emails are being sent per day by any given organization, digital transformation should be addressed there as well. The goal is for employees to be able to collaborate quickly and efficiently, without compromising the safety and integrity of your data/information. Not only internally, but also with external parties such as customers and suppliers. Forward-thinking companies should provide their teams with the secure email and file sharing tools that are fully integrated to maintain control of company data, prevent data losses, and preclude security breaches.

There’s a Solution to Sending Safe Emails

What if you had a secure file sharing solution that could keep you in control of your data and also seamlessly integrate with your applications for a comprehensive data strategy? We can help you find solutions that will insure the easy and safe exchange of your data, just get in touch!