MFT Support Services

ECS International offers several MFT support services. We support and assist our clients with installation, implementation, configuration and set-up of your specifications and configuration. Support Services are available at different levels depending on customer requirements.

We are committed to providing an outstanding solution experience and superior service to our customers. That’s why our experts are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, highly service oriented and passionate about partnering with our clients. The ECS International support team is available to solve problems for our customers.

MFT support services – packages

We have the following packages available:

  • LexiCom Trading-Partner Set-up & Installation
  • LexiCom Set-up & Installation
  • VLTrader Set-up & Installation
  • Harmony Set-up & InstallationMFT support services
  • Trust & Unify Set-up & Installation
  • FMS (Server and/or Client) Set-up & Installation
  • Single Host Deployment Pack
  • Double Host Deployment Pack
  • Firewall Support
  • Training & Education

ECS provide various additional services above and beyond our normal Support Services, such as support for new connections, migrations, script and workflow development, integration, on-site support and API support and consulting.

Support levels

  • Standard Support – provides live pickup to our Technical Support Team with a turnaround time of max. 4 hours on a call back basis.
  • Platinum Support – provides live pickup to our Technical Support Team with a turnaround time of max. 2 hours by e-mail or phone.

Standard Support Services are provided during CET office hours on a callback basis. Platinum Support offer quick turnaround time, prompt phone access, and extended hours such as 24*7 when ‘production down’ escalation.

Training & Education

Should you need further assistance or wish to educate your employees, we will be happy to create a tailor made program meeting the needs of your company.

Learn more

To learn more about our MFT Support Services or purchase, renew or upgrade an annual ongoing support subscription (OGS), please contact us.