Data integration services

data integration servicesThe data integration services of ECS International help companies connect their business applications to streamline business processes and to get the most out of their (big) data. Your benefits: more efficient management, control over the different (cloud) systems, the ability to quickly and cost effectively implement new applications and integrations.

Our data integration services are provided by specialists who have over 20 years experience and thorough knowledge of communication protocols and standards. We enable connectivity in any desired standard through data transformations between ERP or former WMC and internal systems. This enables you to connect and exchange messages with your trading partner(s) in any required format: EDI to XML, EDI to ERP, EDI to / from Excel and many more.

Furthermore, depending on the complexity of the project, we can assist you on-site or remote. Besides data integration services we also advise you on your data integration project or offer assistance with specific programming or project management.