Secure File Sharing and Secure Messaging

Unauthorized file sharing tools are rampant within organizations today. When business users need to quickly share files or documents, they often turn to non-sanctioned tools that do not meet corporate security and compliance mandates.

The mishandling of enterprise data can result in regulatory sanctions and fines. Your brand reputation can be seriously damaged and costs can soar as a result of security breaches, non-compliance notifications, and remediation.

To stop the epidemic of file security breaches that put your company at risk both financially and legally, IT needs a secure file sharing and secure messaging solution that allows business users to work collaboratively, both inside and outside their organization, while operating within their security and compliance policies.

Let ECS help you quickly and easily implement a secure file sharing and secure messaging solution to gain control of information and eliminate data breaches, while at the same time provide business users with extremely easy-to-learn, easy-to-use products that increase adoption rates.

Searching for an Alternative to WeTransfer and/or Dropbox?

Is your company looking for a secure alternative to WeTransfer and/or Dropbox that enables secure file sharing and document editing? Cleo Unify™ provides a secure, on premise alternative to consumer oriented cloud solutions such as WeTransfer or Dropbox. Cleo Unify™ is designed for enterprise business applications which require more control, security, and auditability than consumer oriented solutions can provide. It is an on premise solution that ensures your company has complete control, over how, when, and where files are shared. The product provides the control, visibility, and auditability that your IT department requires to support corporate compliance, but with an easy to use interface designed to ensure user adoption. Take a look at Cleo Unify™ today and realize that there are secure enterprise file sharing alternatives to help you solve your “Dropbox problem.”