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Are you dealing with a large number of suppliers and customers that want to conduct electronic business with you or internal applications that must exchange data? In both cases you must be able to rely on stable and secure connections. The solution for these challenges is called Managed File Transfer (MFT).

Cleo VLTrader ensures the safe transfer of data over the protocol that fits your needs, including FTP(s) connections with your clients or AS2 connections with your suppliers. VLTrader is certified by Drummond Group on virtually every supported protocol.

VLTrader is designed to be highly flexible, allowing you to seamlessly integrate the software with for example your EDI/XML translator. This helps keep insight in and control over incoming and outgoing message streams.

You can also use VLTrader to make it easier and more attractive for smaller trading partners to do business with you. You can give partners that can’t handle secure communications themselves access to the VLTrader WebPortal which can easily be configured to your own brand. Without investments at their end, your partners can set up encrypted communications to you from anywhere in the world.

VLTrader Add-ons

VLTrader can be extended with a number of add ons that can further improve productivity.

Cleo SystemMonitor
Cleo SystemMonitor gives insight in the status and health of your systems, enabling you to take timely action whenever needed. You can read more about SystemMonitor here.

Cleo Dashboards
Cleo Dashboards give your employees access to the right information at the right time, helping them take the right decisions. More information about Cleo Dashboards can be found here.

VLTrader Tracker
VLTrader Tracker gives insight in the many messages that are being exchanged throughout your organization. It allows both business and IT users to quickly find, track and re-send communication between you and your business partners for EDI, XML and other files. Read more about VLTrader Tracker

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