When doing business electronically, companies are constantly balancing the accessibility and security of their data.

Cleo VLProxy acts as an automated gate keeper that only allows verified external parties to get access to your network. This verification can be done based on amongst others digital certificates and IP address validation. Only after the relationship is acknowledged to be trusted, the port is opened and data can be transferred through the internal firewall to Cleo VLTrader, Harmony of LexiCom on the internal network. Unauthorized connection requests are terminated before they can pass Cleo VLProxy.

Firewalls are an important part of the security of company networks. But what is often overlooked is the area between the external and internal firewall of the organization, called ‘Demilitarized Zone’ (DMZ). In this domain Cleo VLProxy adds extra security to digital communication with suppliers, customers and business partners.

VLProxy is standard shipped with Cleo VLTrader and Harmony and is available as an extra module for Cleo LexiCom.

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