Cleo Unify, The Secure and Easy Way to Share Files

When business users need to quickly share files or documents, they often turn to non-sanctioned, consumer-oriented tools that do not meet corporate security and compliance mandates. Although they are not purposely trying to go rogue or be malicious, the potential loss of financial information, HR information, intellectual property, and other sensitive data can be devastating to a company. In some cases, it can result in fines and sanctions if the data has regulatory implications.

With the Cleo Unify solution for secure file sharing, you can stop the epidemic of file security breaches that put your company at risk, both financially and legally.

The Cleo Unify product is your powerful, on-premise file sharing solution built with the security and governance needs of today’s enterprise. Your teams can share files of all types and sizes — both inside and outside of the company securely, easily, and with a complete auditable history. And they can do so without the security risks associated with less secure consumer-oriented solutions.
Provide your “citizen integrators” with an easy to use file sharing solution that enables compliance with your corporate, industry, and government mandates.

Benefits of Cleo Unify Secure Collaboration Software

Eliminates Security Gaps
Eliminates security gaps and extreme governance challenges present in consumer-oriented products.

Tracks Files
Tracks all files that are received by or sent from your organization.

Increases Productivity
Increases productivity by enabling file sharing without putting your valuable data at risk.

Fewer Service Engagements
Requires less training and service engagements than major competitors.

Easy to Use
Easy-to-use web interface.

Scalable solution that can grow with your business.

Flexible Deployment
Built to operate independently or in conjunction with Cleo’s proven secure data integration solutions, to enable secure file sharing, secure messaging, and secure managed file transfer operations via a single platform.

Easy to Administer
Easy to administer — virtually no user training is required and easily integrates with Microsoft Exchange.

Enhanced Security Features
Cleo Unify™ resides on-premise behind your firewall, offering a secure alternative to products like Box, WeTransfer and Dropbox.

Cleo Unify ProductSheet