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LexiCom – Secure File Transfer made simple

Companies who wish to exchange data with their trading partners want this fast, secure and simple by using a software solution that can grow alongside the company and onboard future trading partners. LexiCom is the perfect File Transfer Client solution. With more than 800 ‘pre-configured’ connections in our database you can onboard all your (new) trading partners fast and effective.

Advantages of using the LexiCom Secure Managed File Transfer solution

Fastest and easiest MFT software installation

  • Within 2 hours installed on-site and within 24 hours your first connections will be operational.
  • Flexible integration possibilities with your back-end system & translation software for a fast and effective set-up & configuration of your trading partners.
  • ECS offers a ‘remote’ installation & implementation servicepackage against a very competitive fixed price!

Largest offering of supported ‘ Secure’ communication protocols

  • Completely developed by Cleo which makes LexiCom more user friendly and faster to implement than other solutions on the market.
  • Continuous innovation and development in supporting new protocols.
  • Drummond and ODETTE certified, tested and proven for AS2, AS3, ebMS and OFTP/2.

More secure!

  • You can set-up new ‘secure’ connections fast without making adjustments in the firewall.
  • Less chance on mistakes and infringement/abuse on your secure data traffic..

High availability and reliability

  • Operates continuous and reliable on the background within your IT infrastructure.
  • Supports ‘checkpoint restart’ with unforeseen interruption of your communication or internet connections.
  • Supports fast and insightful audits of data exchanges with your trading partners.
  • Simply said, LexiCom just does what it has to do.

Fast diagnose with communication problems

  • ‘File transfer logging’ is instantly available and requestable.
  • You can do a fast and effective ‘drill down’ for a problem until you have reached the desired detail level in the existing user interface.
  • You can resend a document fast and easy.
  • You can place a trigger on Non-Events so that you will receive a warning when data has NOT been send or received at a certain time and/or place.
  • And there is always our expert support department to assist you..

Full support in certificate management

  • Simple and effective management of all your certificates on behalf off Secure Internet Communication.
  • Exchanging certificates and informing your partners on the coming expiration date of certificates is easy to implement.
  • Use of ‘overlapping’ certificates is supported by LexiCom.

Managing the agenda, planning and automation of data transmissions

  • You are in complete controle over the way data traffic has to take place; fully automated (due to the ‘presence’ or ‘lack’ of certain files), by placing these transmissions on the agenda and to plan them in the MFT scheduler, or organizing them via an external ‘scheduling’ mechanisme.

Contact ECS International to learn more about Cleo LexiCom. Technical information about Cleo LexiCom can be found here.

“The LexiCom as2 solution more than fulfilled our clients requirement for secure encrypted connection and seamlessly integrated with our existing processes”