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Security is one of the top priorities of organizations that conduct business via electronic channels. Do you send digital orders or invoices? Do you want to share sensitive patient data with multiple care practices? In these and all similar cases you want to be absolutely sure your data arrives safely.

Cleo LexiCom is the solution if you want to set up electronic message exchange with a small number of trading partners, quickly and easily. Thanks to predefined connections with companies such as Ahold, Portbase, Makro, Superunie, Brocacef and Honda you can be up and running within 30 minutes. ECS has pre-built more than 800 connections for the Cleo software, which can be downloaded and implemented instantly.

To facilitate easy encryption of your files, Cleo LexiCom has a built in Certificate Manager. This gives you full insight into and control over the various certificates your partners use for encryption.

The Drummond Group takes care of annual certifications for amongst others the security of multiple protocols. Traditionally, Cleo is one of the first vendors to achieve Drummond certification – best proof of the fact that your message transfers remain safe and secure!

Contact ECS International to learn more about Cleo LexiCom. Technical information about Cleo LexiCom can be found here.

“The LexiCom as2 solution more than fulfilled our clients requirement for secure encrypted connection and seamlessly integrated with our existing processes”