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High-Speed Data Transfer with Cleo Jetsonic

Because accelerated file transfer is more critical than ever

In today’s business, as the size of data increases for all communications with customers and suppliers, as well as internal systems, the need for a high-speed file transfer solution becomes ever more important. Businesses are using traditional protocols over high-latency networks or still shipping physical devices to transfer high data volumes.

The Cleo Jetsonic™ solution has been designed to quickly, easily, and securely move extremely large files. By optimally using existing network bandwidth and infrastructure, this cutting-edge high-speed transfer technology moves data several multiples faster than leading competitors’.

Most high-speed data transfer solutions in the market are either hardware-based or based on lesser-used network technologies, but the Cleo Jetsonic software-based solution can be deployed as part of an enterprise shared-architecture model. While transfer speed is a key component, Cleo Jetsonic is built on Cleo’s secure data integration platform and allows you to monitor and track performance metrics from both an IT and a business perspective, as well as act on data via reports and dashboards based on your business.

Easy Integration for Ease of Mind

The Cleo Jetsonic offering integrates Cleo’s highly secure and easy-to-use solutions with the fastest file transfer technology on the market for an extreme file transfer solution unlike any other. Rest assured, knowing your data made it to its destination – and knowing it right away – with the Cleo Jetsonic solution.

Business benefits of Cleo Jetsonic:

  • Eliminate network-imposed speed limitations
  • Guaranteed delivery of transferred packets
  • SSL encryption secures data in motion
  • Multiple OS support across platforms
  • Cleo enables external accelerated file transfer with support for other protocols and connectors, arming organizations with the flexibility necessary for all business processes
  • Push protocol delivers instant information transmission and efficiency in initiating server connections

Also built into Cleo’s fast file transfer technology:

  • Tracking
  • Alerts
  • Authentication
  • Data encryption
  • Data integrity checks
  • Automatic checkpoint restart
  • Advanced throttling settings

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