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In complex electronic company and communication structures it is easy to lose sight over the various file streams. No matter if messages are shared internally or externally, lack of insight in and control over your communications can have serious consequences.

Cleo Harmony gives you the tools to securely send and receive large volumes of messages in the most efficient way. Its enterprise capabilities give you full control over your message streams through visibility on one dahsboard.

The Cleo Harmony Dashboard gives insight in all information you need, giving you full insight in every aspect of your messaging and communication environment. Combined with the Tracker module it allows tracking and following company specific (meta)data such as order, invoice or dossier numbers.

The Harmony Monitor functions give insight in the status of the hardware that is being used by your communication software. You can easily monitor order streams by means of the ‘track and trace’ functionality. All your business processes visible on one dashboard.

Use Cleo Harmony if you want to be able to respond quickly to problems that may occur, so that you can guarantee speed, security and stability for your company.

Cleo Harmony is easy to use and can easy and fast be installed and implemented.

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