In the world of Managed File Transfer (MFT), only a few players are equipped as well as Cleo Communications. For ECS International it was a logical choice to become their pan European distributor of the Cleo products. Since then we have gained ten years of experience with the Cleo Versalex software, we service more than 800 clients and we have our own professional support desk. We know what we talk about when we say that Cleo delivers the most stable and reliable MFT software available on the market today.

At ECS International we have a high level of expertise to provide you with objective advice on choosing and implementing MFT software. We can help you make the right choices when you are planning a first implementation, or when you want to migrate from your existing software.

The Cleo Communications Versalex series offers a client as well as a server application, which both can be extended with additional modules. If you are looking for AS2, AS3, FTP or ebXML/ebMS, the Drummond certification ensures certified and secured connections.

Cleo LexiCom is the client version of the Versalex series. This is the ideal software for small to medium sized organizations that communicate with up to ten trading partners.

Cleo VLTrader is the solution for organizations with larger needs. This robust server software allows for a virtually unlimited number of connections with trading partners, but also can act as a file server for your FTP or HTTP connections.

Do you need to control port usage, or use load balancing? Then choose Cleo VLProxy . This software, which is shipped with VLTrader, takes care of incoming as well as outgoing traffic. Furthermore, Cleo VLProxy allows switching between multiple VLTrader instances in case of high workloads of message transfers.

Are you looking for a complete enterprise MFT solution in which you can easily monitor which files when are sent or received? Or are you looking for ways to speed up your internal (A2A) message exchange, or for example for a way to follow a single order throughout your entire system? Then turn to Cleo Harmony for the solution to your needs. With sophisticated extensions such as a dashboard, health monitor and tracker Cleo Harmony is the end to end solution for your message transfer challenges.

Do you want to learn more? Contact ECS International or have a closer look at the Cleo solutions:

Cleo Integration Suite
Cleo LexiCom
Cleo VLTrader
Cleo Harmony
Cleo VLProxy
Cleo Jetsonic
Cleo Trust
Cleo Unify
Cleo Clarify