Adeptia Inc.

EDIFACT, XML, CSV, ANSI X12 are just a short selection of popular message formats to exchange data. The more companies you do business with, the more formats you will come across. Often the format will be dictated by your supplier or customer, so you will have to find a smart way to accept the information in order to process it with your systems.

You will meet similar challenges when you want to exchange information between applications your organization uses. Data has to be exported and transferred in a uniform way, so you keep insight in and control over the entire infrastructure.

Adeptia offers a stable platform to integrate information and applications. From a database to an XML file or from an EDIFACT order to a CSV invoice: with the easy to use graphical data mapper you convert the information fast. The Adeptia integration helps gain insight into and connect the information streams within your organization.

With our EDI, XML and integration experience we can help you implement a solution that has the lowest possible impact on your internal processes, while new and external factors put little extra pressure on the structure. If you are looking for a simple solution for complex challenges, contact ECS International.