As a communication and integration specialist with many years experience, ECS International has developed a selection of software and services that live up to our high standards. As a result, we can quickly help you make the right decisions when it comes to finding the solution that best fits your infrastructure.

Cleo Communications
The Versalex software of Cleo Communications is the perfect solution for your MFT and electronic communication challenges. This powerful and reliable software adheres to the high quality standards of the Drummond Group. Thanks to its user friendly setup this software can be implemented very fast.

Flame Messaging Solutions cover the needs from the small, but not always connected online, to large businesses with hosted infrastructure or with business applications hosted on the Cloud. Flame Messaging Solutions are based on open web standards including OASIS ebXML MS V3 and AS4, RosettaNet RNIF V2 and EPP (IETF STD 69).

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