As a communication and integration specialist with many years experience, ECS International has developed a selection of software and services that live up to our high standards. As a result, we can quickly help you make the right decisions when it comes to finding the solution that best fits your infrastructure.

Cleo Communications
The Versalex software of Cleo Communications is the perfect solution for your MFT and electronic communication challenges. This powerful and reliable software adheres to the high quality standards of the Drummond Group. Thanks to its user friendly setup this software can be implemented very fast.

Adeptia Inc.
When you are new to the world of electronic orders and invoices, you will find out there are many ways information can be shared. Depending on your client or supplier you will need to be able to translate EDIFACT, XML or CSV files to your own systems. Adeptia Inc. offers a powerful platform to translate and transform virtually all message formats. You can read more about the software here , or contact ECS International to discuss your specific needs.


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