Pharmaceutical and chemical industry

Pharmaceutical and chemical industry

Companies in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry have to collaborate across diverse and complex ecosystems in order to ensure their value chain operates at optimal efficiency. They must support collaboration for discovery and research, clinical and pre-clinical trials, manufacturing operations, marketing and sales, and ultimately supply chain distribution.

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Each function requires collaboration and the exchange of large amounts of data in a secure and compliant fashion. Increasingly, data is shared with authorities for example to give insight in the location, type and quantities of dangerous goods in case of incidents. The structure and integrity of your data must be safeguarded, so that your intellectual property and the personal data of patients are covered by end-to-end protection measures.

Key Capabilities Needed

In order to automate your collaboration for all stages of your value chain, the solution must offer at least the following capabilities:

  • Compliance – Comply with laws, regulations, and industry codes to reduce risk of fines and penalties. Enable compliance with DQSA, FDA, HIPAA, PII, and PHI.
  • Productivity – ensure critical data arrives securely and on-time for research and development.
  • Growth – agnostic gateway supports M&A and global expansion.
  • Auditability – gain a complete audit trail of all your file transfer activity.
  • Visibility – provide life cycle visibility of all transactions across value chain including SLA/KPI management.

Control, management and visibility are equally important, as well as encryption of sensitive data. Authorization and traceability give control over and insight in ‘who does what?’. Combining data integration, Managed File Transfer, big data and file sharing in one single platform increases efficiency, control, insight and ease of use.

Pharmaceutical and chemical data integration solutions

ECS International has a long track record in the pharmaceutical and chemicals markets. We offer a range of solutions that help improve efficiency and speed, maintain control and security and increase visibility into business processes. Typically, our solutions are implemented at no more than 10-20% of the cost of solutions from other vendors. Our proven approach ensures a faster time to market and easy onboarding of new trading partners.

Our solutions include:

  • a broad range of Managed File Transfer and EDI/XML integration products;
  • data integration and communication SaaS/Cloud services such as X4Connect and Kyzen Global;
  • and a wide range of professional services to make your enterprise communications work seamlessly.