Our new website is live, Smart Integrations!

In recent research performed by ECS, we found out that there is quite a bridge between the available knowledge around data integration, MFT, EDI and the possibilities hereof. That’s why we decided to launch a new website, completely focused on making it easier to understand how data integration, MFT and EDI can help your business flourish.

Our new website will be a hub to get information – which we have been acquiring since 1999 – across to you, our customers and followers. In our recent study, nearly 70% of the respondents indicated that there is a lack of internal knowledge regarding EDI and data integration. We would like to make a difference, and we are more than happy to close that knowledge gap as much as we can. Did you for example know that our business partner, Cleo, recently discovered that 80% of their surveyed audience (over 300 respondents of C-level executives and IT personnel) identified integration automation as their top objective to deliver business improvements? Or that governmental bodies in the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden and Canada are looking to fully automate data collection methods, and become the first countries as the future of data integration through EDI? All logical steps, but you do have to know why they are doing that. Answers to the added value and reasons to use data integration, MFT or EDI will all be addressed on our new website.

You will find e-books, blogs, whitepapers, information about our own cloud-platform X4Connect, videos, industry information and much more on our new website. To get an idea of how we are doing that, just click on this link right here. If you have any topics or information that you would like to see, you can always get in touch and we will share our knowledge with you to see how we can help your business improve through data integration, EDI or MFT.