Other industries

Other industries

Across many different industries we see one big overall trend: dependency on data beyond the own systems of the organizations. Business need to be able to connect with cloud and big data services as well as customers, suppliers and internal legacy back end systems. Even when talking about cloud, there is no such thing as ‘the cloud’ since many different cloud services run on various platforms owned and operated by different suppliers.


business to business

The world of data integration is becoming more and more complex every day as a result of trends and developments including cloud brokerage, Internet of Things (IoT), API Management, Integration Service Providers, B2B Gateways, Web Services, AS2, VANs and Transaction Delivery Networks.

Security risks

When the amount and variety of information shared grows exponentially, security becomes a bigger concern. Especially when exchanging confidential information such as CAD/CAM drawings, medical information, invoices, contracts, customer data, product and production data and architectural plans.,

What do we mean with B2B (and why is it hard)?

B2B stands for Business to Business. Another way to describe B2B is multi-enterprise integration – i.e. integrating workflows that involve more than one company. This means you have to deal with data formats you don’t control, communication protocols you can’t dictate, management of the definition and identity of trading partners and peaks and troughs of transactions you can’t control.

This means you need software and services designed for B2B, and people who are experienced in delivering it.

B2B Anywhere

B2B communications and data integration is not just the cloud or on premise, it’s both dependent on customer needs and strategy. In house, outsourced or hybrid approach: it’s your choice!

Data integration and secure communication solutions

If you want to embrace the possibilities of today’s open economy, you will need an open system that will support all of your organization’s data integration and communication needs. You will need a platform of solutions that can natively work together, have a seamless interface and are (re)designed to scale, interoperate and expand. It must be able to support a broad range of use cases including:
–    Managed file transfer and application integration
–    B2B, (big) data and cloud integration
–    Extreme and accelerated file transfer
–    Any-to-any transformation

A good example of such a platform is the Cleo Integration Suite. It combines the power to connect and integrate your B2B applications, people, clouds, big data, and information workflows onto one incredibly easy-to-use, yet highly scalable, platform.

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