Manufacturing industry

Manufacturing industry

In manufacturing, production efficiency and forecasting are of the highest importance. Your customers increasingly demand faster delivery and lower prices. Insight into information across the whole production chain is key to remaining profitable and competitive.


Make to Order

The manufacturing industry tends to move from ‘make to sell’ to ‘make to order’. Production runs get shorter and the number of product variations increases. This requires a much more proactive approach towards inventory management and closer cooperation with suppliers. The ability to exchange information across the entire production and sourcing chain is one of the cornerstones of efficient production.

Supply chain efficiency

Another important trend is supply chain efficiency. Less stock requires better forecast and therefore access to real time information on available stock throughout the supply chain. The ability to share production forecasts with suppliers further improves speed of delivery. Another driver for supply chain efficiency is the Internet of Things (IoT), for example the automated registration of volumes and weights. This will produce even more data which will need to be collected, analyzed and shared.

Exchanging information beyond the supply chain

Data sharing and data integration becomes more important for the exchange of information with external parties such as the Customs department, insurance companies, banks and other service providers and government bodies.

The need for safe and secure communications

Secure and safe data integration and communication can be a driver for significant efficiency improvements and closer collaboration with suppliers and customers. Delivery times can be shortened and stock can be optimized to an ‘always just in time’ level.


With more and more (confidential) information being shared, advanced security measures such as data encryption should be an integral part of your information exchange platform. The production of products under multiple brands requires the ability to control the levels of security and access to information on a more granular level.

Sourcing guideline

If you are looking for a practical solution to achieve all of the described benefits, you are looking for a platform that offers at least the following capabilities:

  • Secure, safe and fast exchange of data in multiple formats between multiple systems using multiple protocols.
  • Data integration with a wide variety of ERP, WMS and CRM systems
  • Capabilities to integrate with proprietary or legacy business back-end systems
  • Integration with cloud applications through open standards
  • Full native integration which eliminates the need for manual integration or re-typing data.

Manufacturing data integration and secure communication solutions

ECS International has extensive experience with data integration and secure communications in the manufacturing industry. Our solutions include:

  • a broad range of Managed File Transfer and Data Integration solutions;
  • a wide range of professional services to make your enterprise communications work seamlessly
  • a team of enthusiastic and experienced integration experts that will support your implementation from start to finish.