Manual Data Entry is Killing Your Business Efficiency

Manual Data Entry is Killing Your Business EfficiencyEfficiency is the key to a successful, innovative and progressive business. If things can’t be done efficiently then your business will lose out. Whether that be on wasted time, wasted talent or loss of profits. The saying “time is money” couldn’t be more applicable to today’s ever-faster paced business, trade and technological landscapes. If one company can’t get it done not just quickly, but accurately, there are a dozen other companies waiting to take its place.

Where are businesses wasting time?

In our experience, most small and medium businesses are still tackling the problem of data entry. Data entry is an important staple in any business and across any industry. Manual data entry is the way it’s always been done, but that doesn’t mean it’s incapable of its own digital transformation. Some businesses are chugging away, doing what they do best, and don’t realize that there is a much more efficient and cost-effective way to get things done.

Every manual update of an invoice, inventory number or transaction costs at least a few minutes. Each manual data entry presents a chance to risk a human error, and usually requires complicated IT architecture to get one entry to the place it needs to go next. The costs of manual data entry add up quickly for these reasons, especially as company or transaction size increases.

Automation is the remedy.

The power of technology and software is at our disposal. By searching out inefficiencies and mapping out the key processes that make your business tick, simple and straightforward automated technologies can be leveraged to improve the way your business runs. With integrated and automated business management systems, employees are freed of mandatory manual entry tasks to devote themselves elsewhere. Your business increases in value because simple, but time consuming and error-prone, tasks become instant and virtually fool proof.

We’ve seen how straightforward and automated data entry systems can decrease a company’s costs while improving their communication and understanding of their business. With decreased costs and increased efficiency, you won’t have to worry about a competitor skipping the queue. Is your company still wasting time with manual data entry? We can help you find a way to save time and money. Get in touch today to discover the options.