iSHARE Promises to Make Data Sharing Easier and Safer Than Ever

iSHARE Promises to Make Data Sharing Easier and Safer Than EverPossibly the biggest buzzword in our office over the last year has been “iSHARE”, and now that buzz has finally reached its big moment. One of the most exciting programs for the modern supply or information chain is entering the adoption phase and we can’t wait to see how organizations will utilize it to improve their business efficiency. With businesses and partners becoming more and more connected and integrating their ecosystems, the logical next step is improving data sharing capabilities.

What is iSHARE?

Just in case you haven’t heard yet, please let us introduce you to iSHARE. iSHARE is a uniform set of agreements that provides and enables organizations to give each other access to their data. These agreements are governed by a community of participants and stakeholders. Since every participant works with the same set of identification, authorization, and authentication methods, they don’t have to keep making new agreements every time they want to share data. Together, the participants in the iSHARE scheme can share data effortlessly, including with new and previously unknown partners while maintaining full control over their own data at all times.

Why do you need it?

With data sharing organisations gain a range of benefits. Sharing data with virtually any approved partner or organization, whether established or a new, is easier than ever with iSHARE. You’ll never lose control of your data because the iSHARE philosophy ensures that users get the final say when it comes to the terms under which their data will be shared, including why, with whom and for how long.

What will it improve?

iSHARE’s automated data sharing capabilities can be applied to any industry. For organizations working in last mile delivery, utilizing the Internet of Things, picking up goods or containers or controlling variables such as goods quality or transportation temperatures, iSHARE will make a difference in your information chain. It is also applicable to other business activities like getting brochures or documents printed automatically by allowing your chosen printing company access to content that need to be printed. There are virtually endless ways to make iSHARE work for you.

Get iSHARE and get to sharing.

Effortlessly sharing data with iSHARE is here for good now that it has reached the adoption phase. Gaining recognition across industries for its ability to make communication and teamwork more efficient than ever, your organization can now fully count on iSHARE to improve data sharing capabilities while still maintaining full control. Still unsure of how you can use iSHARE to modernize your information chain? Get in contact with your specialist here at ECS today to find out how!