Industry 4.0 and The Future of the Supply Chain

Technology and “smart” devices are starting to touch every industry and business model we can think of, and the supply chain is no different. With the benefits of integrating smart solutions into logistics become more and more clear, any company involved in a supply chain that’s not adapting to these new solutions will be quickly left behind when it comes to the future of Industry.

What is Industry 4.0? It’s when knowledge and technology will work with production to form more valuable, highly organized, integrated and secure businesses. Any businesses that invest now in smart products and production methods that facilitate communication in the supply chain will be able to meet the demands of the 21st century customer, and hopefully exceed them.

Bringing Production and Technical Knowledge Together

Not only is “smart” technology powering the new Industrial Revolution, it is also helping us to think smarter and use the data we’ve gathered over years and years to actually transform the supply chain. This can include the logistics industry itself, as well as the energy and health and pharma sectors as long as experts are willing to put new ideas into practice.

Retailers and E-Commerce have been the first to jump at integrating their systems and incorporating smart technology, which is not a surprise when many of today’s top E-Commerce websites promise next day delivery, or even same day delivery on thousands of different products. The logistical aspect and the extreme attention to detail and data needed in order to execute this promise wouldn’t be possible without innovative technology.

The Total Package

What does it take to fulfill an online order, deliver medicine by drone in remote areas, build cars that drive themselves, or manage to deliver petrol to a parked car, fill it up and then charge it to the person’s credit card? Communication, highly integrated and accurate communication, and a lot of it! All of these modern day luxuries are all part of a supply chain, a very smart supply chain.

From the “Middle Mile” of delivery between factories and warehouses to the “Last Mile” where deliveries can be completed by drone or satellite mapping, ticketed with smart trackers that allow visibility into the movements of the package and provide automatic inventory updates, there is a place where smart technology and communication can improve the supply chain.

The good news is, logistics can only improve from here, and with the help of new smart technology, data and business integration, and facilitated B2B and B2C communication, the future of the supply chain is bright!

Are you interested in moving your businesses towards Industry 4.0? We can help you discover a smart technology that will make sure your business plays a role in the industry of the future. You can contact one of our experts today!