How to Conquer the Cloud and the Competition with Integrated B2B Solutions


As you may have gathered from our last two blog posts, we can’t stress enough how important we think Data Integration and Cloud Solutions are to successful business. Being an IT company, we see it as our responsibility to offer our customers only the latest and greatest solutions.

After a recent team trip to the United States for a conference with one of our partners, we’re even more excited about the possibilities of Cloud, Integrated Cloud and Hybrid Cloud services.

It’s never been easier to conquer data integration with Cloud Services thanks to the newest software developments in B2B platforms and services. And with full control over data movements in Integrated Cloud Solutions, company security in the Cloud doesn’t have to be a concern. Integrated Cloud and B2B solutions can be applied to any industry. Though the Cloud may feel like the new kid in school, we think it will quickly become the teacher’s pet!

Here are just some of the benefits of using an Integrated Cloud Solution with B2B-Services:

  • The ability to utilize both public and private Clouds to perform distinct functions within the same organization. One Cloud for accounting information, one Cloud for product information.
  • There’s no need to decide between on-prem and Cloud solutions. Cloud services can now be tailored to your needs in a “hybrid” fashion and you can benefit from all forms of the Cloud.
  • MFTs “through the Cloud” don’t actually need to be uploaded to the Cloud, but can use it as a means of transport from on-prem to on-prem servers which decreases the chance of a security breach.
  • There’s more freedom when it comes to orchestrating data transfers when there is increased security and not as many pit stops throughout the transfer.
  • Using the least amount of steps to successfully complete a MFT means decreased possibility of file transfer failure and less time spent on data entry.
  • Apps such as ERPs, financial Clouds and CRMs can be integrated with any of 40 Cloud integration connectors for a fast and seamless onboarding process. It’s possible for any business to utilize the Cloud.
  • Gain complete control over every connection that your business requires to operate at its highest potential. In a single view you can work with apps, Cloud, B2B and big data.

Conquering the Cloud means there is a lot to gain. An ecommerce client of ours recently found it becoming nearly impossible to manage all of the components it took to run her business. With 75 employees across the country and international shipping requirements, there simply wasn’t enough time to re-enter data into all the different Clouds. From production and order entry, to HR, and WMS all working separately, you can imagine her relief when she found out how an Integrated Cloud solution could fix her problems.

With an Integrated Cloud Solution, all of her business’s data became one seamless view from end to end. No longer having to waste time getting information from the ERP in Cloud 1 to the WMS in Cloud 2 and then to the Sales force or CRM in Cloud 3, she was then able to invest more time in developing new products. And when it comes to ecommerce, the competition is incredibly fierce. She felt like implementing Integrated Cloud services was the pivotal moment that would insure her business’s future success.

In the competitive and innovative business world of today, these solutions will help your business conquer the Cloud and to keep discovering and creating value at every turn.

Do you want to securely exchange, transform, validate, and integrate all your enterprise data? Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.