Hackathon speeds up innovation in sharing data

The first iSHARE Tech-celerator has resulted in a trove of new, innovative solutions for sharing data. The solutions came from twenty multidisciplinary teams, consisting of members from all parts in the chain. After a day of hacking, first prize went to the team of Ritra, Yellowstar, Portbase, Secure Logistics en Poort8. Part of the prize will be tons of publicity and the change on financial aid, so that they can further develop their solution.

At 9.00 AM, over fifty developers, hackers, data scientists, business developers and other specialists gathered at the offices of Hewlett Packard Enterprises in Amstelveen, ready to start finding and creating new solutions for sharing data in the logistics industry. The prize: maximum exposure and a chance for financial aid from the Dutch Topsector Logistics to further develop solutions.

Twenty teams, – mostly multidisciplinary – entered the first iSHARE Tech-celerator. There were teams of companies that already share data with each other, but saw opportunities in iSHARE to improve the process. And there were teams that don’t share data yet, but saw this day as an opportunity to come up with new solutions. Amongst the participants were organisations such as Cargonaut, Koopman Logistics, ECT Rotterdam, maritime and nautical service provider Dirkzwager, ECS International, blockchain specialist Zoof-it and Portbase, the digital platform for the Port of Rotterdam.

The day started off with an introduction by Eefje van der Harst, project manager at iSAHRE. She explained Tech-celerator, talked about the competition and the criteria for the judges. The teams introduced each other and then the hackathon was on its way. Armed with laptops, coffee, tea and sandwiches, the eleven teams spread out in the three rooms and started to work on their case.

At the end of the day, each team gave a three-minute pitch to the jury about their solution. The jury was comprised of Michiel Haarman (Neutraal Logistiek Informatie Platform, NLIP), Douwe Lycklama (iSHARE), Clemens Essers (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) en Nanne Onland (Cargonaut). Some of the main points the teams were judged on, were the explanation and elaboration of the cases they pitched.

The solution of ECS International
ECS International has managed to make a link with the iSHARE API. This makes it possible to check the identity and authenticity of trading partners within our X4Connect Secure Messaging service. During this networking event, we have made the foundation for implementations with iSHARE and gained knowledge of the technology and the use of this technology in the logistics sector.

First Prize
Around 6.00 PM, the jury announced which teams had the best case. The teams of ECS International and ECT Rotterdam were the runners up. The first prize went to the team of Ritra, Yellowstar, Portbase, Secure Logistics en Poort8. As promised to the winners, in the coming period we will share more about their particular implementation of iSHARE.