Grocery Stores Are Making Technology More Tangible

Manual Data Entry is Killing Your Business Efficiency More and more industries are finding ways to utilize the power of technology, and grocers are not to be excluded. With online shopping becoming the norm, even fruits and vegetables can be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep. What is the most important part of moving grocery stores to the online domain and how can sellers keep their brick and mortar stores still attractive to customers? By investing in technology that will help them utilize the data available to them in order to provide a better experience for their customers.

Utilizing Data Is Worth The Risk

For most grocery sellers, big investments in technology can pose a financial risk in a relatively low-margin making industry. So the fact that so many of them are placing this much faith in a tech powered shopping experience demonstrates just how far the power of data can go. We’ve talked about transportation and logistics, pharmaceutical companies and government agencies using digital transformation tactics to their advantage despite the initial struggles. This is because the reward outweighs the risk and grocers are recognizing this as well.

Smart Shopping Means Smart Products

For Netherlands based grocery-chain Albert Heijn, product data is at the forefront. They are making a huge push towards only stocking smart products. By requiring in depth product information from every single supplier, their customers will know exactly what they’re buying. The consumer of today is more conscious about the entire journey of a product, who is making it and what is going into it. By investing in the digital information available on the products they sell, grocers such as Albert Heijn are in-turn investing in the credibility of their online presence as well as in person.

The Future of Grocery Shopping is Digital

While not everyone is impacted by the digitization of the logistics industry on a daily basis, nearly everyone is by the grocery business. In Europe where families are making multiple trips to the grocery store every week, the digital changes being made are evident and making strides in streamlining the process. Now that digital transformation and usage of data has trickled down to nearly every industry, we can really get our hands on it when it comes to purchasing our daily groceries. The future of grocery shopping is definitely digital with:

  • Online ordering
  • Apps with recipes and digital grocery lists
  • In-depth product information
  • Smart stock and inventory tracking
  • A majority of self-check kiosks

Interested in how utilizing data could transform your business? Get in touch with one of our experts to talk about all the possibilities.