Five Ways B2B Integration as a Service Can Make Digital Transformation Work For You

What is the point of investing in a data integration solution when after all of the effort to onboard it, most users are unable to figure out how to use it?

Many businesses are finding integration solutions to be overly complicated. They have all the bells and whistles but not enough practical applications for the everyday ins and outs of running a business. Innovative B2BiaaS platforms can take the intimidation out of using complex software and here’s how.

Five Ways B2BiaaS Can Work For You:

1.To find what you need at the moment that you need it.

B2BiaaS can simplify the technology to make Integration Solutions actually have a positive impact on the bottom line of a business. Knowing how to find what you need to solve problems easily and exactly when it’s needed should be a cornerstone of B2B integration platforms.

2 Accessibility for every team member.

User Interfaces are accessible to all team members, not just IT specialists. Executive officers, accountants and operations directors can utilize end-to-end visibility to make sure the business is operating at its full potential by making educated decisions. Such as being able to define your own KPI’s and SLA’s to monitor your B2B performance.

3.True business content.

By providing reporting mechanisms that show less technical detail and more of the true business impact of B2B data flows. Smarter B2BiaaS will provide the most relevant content that users can interact with and not be bombarded by large volumes of transactions or messages they aren’t looking for.

4. Improved business performance.

Organizations become less vulnerable when more team members are included in all aspects of business processes. By building a more integrated team, the technology works better too. Businesses that can fully harness the revenue-driving capabilities of B2B integration technology will not only perform better financially but also work better as a team, from IT to sales, security to distribution of your valuable data by integrated Managed File Transfer capabilities.

5. Lowers the threshold of the digital transformation process.

Just as all changes take time and a little patience, B2BiaaS is a smart way to ease into full business data integration and secure data exchange. Decreasing all of the technical jargon, complex interfaces and IT skillsets needed to operate various platforms will make them more reputable as-a-service offerings.

As a provider of B2B integration solutions we want technology to make business easier, not more complex. And because any-to-any data transformation and integration is the next big thing for business, innovative and user driven B2BiaaS may prove to be the best solution for enterprises considering the move towards total integration. When B2BiaaS speaks a universal language that technical and non-technical users can understand then it truly is a solution for the business of today. To learn more about data integration and the benefits of digitally transforming your business, contact one of our experts!