Expanding Business and Secure Communications with Littlebit Technology

Littlebit Technology based in Switzerland is a company on the move. Having recently expanded into the Benelux, that meant their secure communication capabilities needed to expand as well. The expansion is exciting news for the company that distributes, services and produces IT products, but preparation was key to make the jump to a new region successful. Spokesman Baris Cömlekci shares the story of Littlebit Technology and how upgrading his company’s operating system has prepared them for expansion.

“For more than ten years we’ve been running on Lexicom, and even when we first acquired it we thought we were too small for it. It was nice to finally be able to admit that we had outgrown the communication and small file transfer capabilities of our previous software. We can grow into the increased integration capabilities of a solution like VLTrader as our business expands. We were struggling to keep our orders running on time and our messages securely received and delivered. We were worried that the more basic solution wouldn’t be able to handle many more connections and we were right,” explains Baris.

Littlebit was not only operating on Lexicom but other software as well in order to keep their EDI transactions, eternal processes, messaging and file transfers under control. The main difference between their previous solution and the upgraded version is that the new solution is much more adaptable when it comes to all of the connections needed to run a modern day business.

Littlebit can now support managed file transfers for both client and Server with their new solution. They were also able to merge all of their activities onto the upgraded solution to streamline systems and create better visibility. With the vast capabilities of VLTrader from increased security through built in Proxy, to supporting many different protocols, it can also adapt easily to the changing requirements, laws and suppliers that need to be supported by even by small and medium sized businesses.

“The best thing about the change is that you actually don’t notice much of a change at all. We are well aware that we are operating on a much more versatile system with more security and more potential, but it hasn’t been a steep learning curve to get familiar with the new software. I think a fear for a lot of growing businesses when it comes to upgrading is how they will actually learn the new software and make sure everyone can use it to its full potential. Our new software doesn’t feel like a completely different program and the transition was easy. It’s quite comforting in that respect for a small company like ours. Knowing our systems are ready for growth and more communication allows us to focus on finding more partners in IT supplies.”

Having worked with ECS International for over ten years Littlebit Technology finds the professionalism as the best reward. Baris added that had seen a few changes through his history working with the company but noted that even with new team members the relationships were continuous and always professional and timely. Knowing that Littlebit Technology can rely on ECS International and their relationship with Ben Rinkel and the team makes ECS a trusted advisor. We are excited for the future at Littlebit Technology!

We would like to thank Baris and Littlebit Technology for sharing their experience with us and for being a loyal customer of ECS International.