EDI isn’t a challenge, it’s an opportunity



To most companies it seems like a challenge, implementing an EDI-system so you, your costumers and your logistical partner can exchange messages really fast. But there are more upsides than downsides to electronic messaging.


Working with electronic messaging is one the best ways to efficiency. Instead of manually placing an order, waiting on the conformation of it, contacting a logistical partner to schedule the delivery of the product and sending an invoice afterwards, you can automate all these steps by using electronic messaging. Not only will it prevent mistakes during the process for the most part, but also the whole process will be accelerated.


Every link in the supply chain will work with the same standards. The data you send is being structured in a standard fashion and thus orders, packing lists and invoices are exchanged with each other very quickly. So if a client expects you to integrate your EDI-application with theirs, don’t look at it as a challenge; see it as an opportunity.


Because all data, yours, your client’s, your supplier’s and that of your logistical partner, is structured in the same order, none of the information sent will get lost in translation. If you integrate your EDI-application with the other links in the chain, the communications that you send, are received and interpreted automatically in the same fashion on any location.

That way, with just one push of a button, you place an order whilst at the same time your supplier can see if the order is in stock and get it ready for transport, and on the other side of the chain, your logistical partner gets a loading assignment and delivery order. Instead of taking hours or even days to process the entire order, this way it will take only a few minutes. And the chances of a mix-up during the process reduce significantly.


By using EDI-standards, every link in the supply chain is being optimized: The order process, the inventory management and the complete logistical part of it. This means an increase in efficiency for all parties involved, and therefore a cost reduction for them.

The infrastructure is already there

Electronic messaging between you and your partners in the supply chain by using EDI will bring you a lot of benefits and is relatively easy to effectuate. The data and the technical infrastructure are already there, all you have to do is to integrate the systems on the backend. ECS International has solutions to help you integrate different EDI-applications and connect them with those of you clients, suppliers and logistical partners. That way you will stay competitive in an ever accelerating market.